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Holmberg Watson provides expert advice on your succession and estate plan

At some point, every business owner must address the issues related to passing on ownership of his or her business, or the assets generated by that business. Toronto estate lawyers Holmberg Watson are here to help.

We know the law. Our Toronto estate lawyers have substantial experience in the areas of estate planning, trusts, and all corporate succession-related matters. Planning ahead is important to ensure every possible tax opportunity is considered, so you maximize the value of the assets being passed on, and reduce the amount of tax paid. We’ll guide you through complex estate, trust and tax laws to ensure your legacy wishes are fulfilled.

Want to provide for loved ones or those with special requirements?
A Toronto estate lawyer from Holmberg Watson has the experience to create trusts designed to take care of the future needs of family members and friends. We guide our clients through the process of protecting or distributing assets as a result of death or incapacity, and we are experts in issues relating to wealth protection and inheritance. We can also handle issues relating to property that falls under multiple jurisdictions, and we know how to handle with care issues relating to conflict and overlap.

If you have questions relating to property or assets in the event of death, divorce of incapacity, our team is standing by and the first consultation is always free. Our Toronto wills, trusts and estates lawyers know the law inside out and can prove you with the information you need to make informed decisions about estates, wills and trusts.

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Conveniently located in the centre of  Toronto (close to Avenue Road and Bloor Street), in the heart of Yorkville, across the street from the Hazelton Hotel, next to parking, and a short walk from the Bay Subway Station, an estate lawyer from Holmberg Watson will be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation. We provide expert advice about the interpretation and enforceability of wills and trust arrangements, the rights of beneficiaries, the duties of executors and trustees, and mental incapacity issues. We also offer a full range of services related to the administration of estates.

Wills, Trusts And Estate Planning In Toronto

Estate Lawyer

Estate, trust and will planning are the key to ensuring your wealth and assets continue to thrive in the manner you desire. Trust the expert team at Holmberg Watson to protect your interests and manage your wills, trusts and estates so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your future interests are properly cared for.

As experienced lawyers in business law, we know how to protect your financial interests and manage wills, trusts and estates to minimize your tax commitments while protecting your wealth. Our lawyers in Toronto know how to plan for the succession of your capital to specific beneficiaries, including family members or trusted partners. They can also walk you through the process of managing and transferring assets in Toronto, while keeping in mind the various tax issues that can arise.

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