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We know the law, but you know your business. In order to provide effective counsel, we’ll listen to learn as much as we can about your concerns and goals. Then our seasoned business lawyers will give you practical, creative and expert legal advice and legal support services – enabling you to solve problems and maximize your business opportunities.

We treat clients the way we'd want to be treated. We express our professional opinions clearly and concisely, acting on a strong background of legal, financial, and business knowledge and judgment. And our services are provided under reasonable and flexible fee arrangements.

So if you are searching for an expert estate, corporate or business lawyers in Toronto, contact Holmberg Watson - “We’re All Business”.




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We Offer Corporate Experience, Respect, And Professionalism

Looking for a corporate, business or estate lawyer in Toronto? Law firms are not all equal. Holmberg Watson is an experienced estate and business law firm serving stakeholders in all sizes of Canadian companies – through all types of business transactions. Whether you are needing corporate lawyer in Toronto for the purchase of a national enterprise, or require assistance planning the succession of a family business, we’re here to help. We’re especially well known for our expertise in business purchases and sales.

Buying And Selling A Business In Toronto - Our Law Firm Can Help

Holmberg Watson specializes in helping clients with the purchase or sale of a business in Toronto. We are experts in corporate and commercial law and can help you navigate through all of the legal requirements in this area. Our business law expertise allows us to present our clients with the knowledge and guidance they need to buy or sell a business in Toronto and we are dedicated to putting your business interests first. Our focus is always on the business objectives of our clients and working to deliver their desires outcomes. Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation and to discuss how we can help to facilitate your transaction.

Your Business And Corporate Lawyers In Toronto

Our firm can handle a wide variety of commercial and corporate matters. We will provide you with the advice and service you need in areas such as ownership agreements, commercial contracts, business formation and corporate finance. We act for both small and large business clients in most areas of business law, delivering exceptional service and results that have built our reputation as one of the leading boutique business law firms in Toronto.

Mergers And Acquisition - Business Lawyers

Our practice handles a wide variety of business mergers and acquisitions in Toronto. From large corporations to private companies and small businesses, our commercial and corporate lawyers in Toronto act for the client’s best interests in all transactions. Our approach is to move all deals forward by considering the position of our client first and using our business expertise to provide advice on the available options. We are knowledgeable in finance negotiations, securing funding, mitigating risk and overseeing the entire mergers and acquisitions process. Most of all, we always work with the goal of keeping our client’s costs down.