At Holmberg Watson, we have a team of corporate lawyers who will assist you with all your business and corporate needs. We have years of experience solving even the most complex business, corporate, legal, and financial matters. Hiring us ensures you can concentrate on running your business. At Holmberg Watson, “We’re All Business”.

Buying or Selling a Business – Business Acquisition Lawyer

Buying or selling a business is a very complex affair. Our team has experience gained by acting as counsel on hundreds of transactions. This and our business sense will help you make the best deal possible. We have experience in large, medium-sized and small businesses in the GTA. We assist clients in, among other matters:

  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and all types of commercial contracts
  • Obtaining relevant regulatory approvals
  • Establishing a plan for a successful sale
  • Business formation
  • Finance negotiations with potential lenders

Venture Capital & Private Equity Lawyers

We assist companies, investors, and professionally managed funds in private equity and venture capital transactions. We understand the markets and our experience means we know what works and what doesn’t. We are a boutique venture capital and private equity law firm. We will assist you in such areas as:

  • Making introductions through our extensive network to help you find funding and investment partners
  • Advice on compliance with Canadian Securities Laws
  • Fund formation
  • Negotiating shareholder, agency, partnership agreements, co-investment arrangements, and other documentation
  • Downstream investments
  • Drafting private placement memoranda and advising clients on disclosure requirements

Wills, Trust & Estates Planning Lawyer

What will happen to your hard earned money and the business you have built with tears and sweat once you are gone? At Holmberg Watson, we assist clients to plan for the inevitable. We will help you plan for the change of ownership of your business and assets in case of divorce, death or being incapacitated. Some of the services you expect from us are:

  • We will help you maximize your assets’ value while at the same time reducing payable tax by creating trusts
  • We give expert advice on enforceability and interpretation of trust arrangements and wills, the duties of trustees and executioners, beneficiary rights, and issues arising from mental incapacitation
  • We manage trusts, wills, and estates on behalf of our clients
  • We manage the process of asset transfer

Commercial Lease Lawyer Toronto

We have a comprehensive commercial leasing practice that deals with different types of buildings, including industrial, retail, commercial, office, and mixed-use buildings. We act for some of the most prominent tenants, landlords, and property managers in Ontario. Services you expect from us include:

  • Preparation of lease agreements and lease amendments
  • Expert advice on common area expenses, rent default, fixtures, landlord interference, landlord consents, cost recoveries, surrenders of lease, subleases, estoppel certificates, commercial tenant rights, operating cost adjustments, damage, and insurance
  • Solving contract issues and other obstacles during lease negotiation

Entrepreneurial Arrangements

We represent businesses large and small, old and new. We understand different businesses have different needs, capabilities, and systems. For this reason, we have different charging methods suited for different businesses. We call these Entrepreneurial Arrangements and they include one or more of hourly rates, success fees, equity interests in lieu of fees, and flat fees for particular services.

Shareholders Agreement Lawyers

When buying shares, shareholder agreements protect your investment. We draft shareholders’ agreements that will stand the test of time, disagreements, and conflict. Even if you are the majority shareholder, you still need the protection of a shareholder agreement as this will affect whether you can sell your shares. We ensure such issues as drag-along rights do not prevent you from selling shares whenever you need to. We will also assist you with such matters as:

  • Buy-sell provisions
  • New share issuances
  • Organizational structure
  • The death of a shareholder
  • Issues with majority and minority ownership

Contract Review and Negotiation

Business contracts are legally binding and should not be entered into blindly. We ensure all contracts you sign have your best interest at heart by critically scrutinizing them before you sign. We will guide you through contract negotiations and contract reviews to ensure you come up on top and to ensure emotions do not come into play, which is very common. We will ensure you understand your duties and obligations under the contract so you are not charged with breach of contract.

We help clients with different types of business contracts, among them employment contracts, offers of employment, franchise agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and trademark & license contracts.



Are you planning to incorporate your business? At Holmberg Watson, we help clients plan their business formation and come up with the right structures. We deal with all types of entities from sole proprietorships to partnerships and from government entities to private corporations. Our incorporation services include:

  • Restructuring
  • Record keeping in accordance with Ontario law
  • Dissolutions
  • Government filings
  • Guidance on organization by-laws, shareholder agreements, shares, certificates of incorporation, consents, and applicable fees
  • Tax issues

Trademark Lawyer

It is important that you protect the intellectual property rights of your business since these are the face of your company. This starts with protecting your trademark, logo, and graphics. At Holmberg Watson, we help you protect your trademark. We have trademark lawyers who offer such services as:

  • Trademark registration and drafting of licenses
  • Trademark searches
  • Taking action against companies imitating your brand
  • Determining if you are infringing on another company’s trademark rights
  • Help with understanding such important concepts as consistence use, the longevity of the trademark, intellectual property ownership transfer

If you have any question about our services, you could reach us at or by calling Mihkel Holmberg at 416.648.8499 or Kate Watson at 647.500.0844. You could also visit our offices at 129 Yorkville Avenue, Suite 200 in Toronto.

Toronto Business Lawyers That Listen - Corporate Lawyers

We know the law, but you know your business. In order to provide effective counsel, we’ll listen to learn as much as we can about your concerns and goals. Then our seasoned business lawyers will give you practical, creative and expert legal advice and legal support services – enabling you to solve problems and maximize your business opportunities.

We treat clients the way we'd want to be treated. We express our professional opinions clearly and concisely, acting on a strong background of legal, financial, and business knowledge and judgment. And our services are provided under reasonable and flexible fee arrangements.




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We Offer Corporate Experience, Respect, And Professionalism

Looking for a corporate, business or estate lawyer in Toronto? Law firms are not all equal. Holmberg Watson is an experienced estate and business law firm serving stakeholders in all sizes of Canadian companies – through all types of business transactions. Whether you are needing corporate lawyer in Toronto for the purchase of a national enterprise, or require assistance planning the succession of a family business, we’re here to help. We’re especially well known for our expertise in business purchases and sales.

Buying And Selling A Business In Toronto - Our Law Firm Can Help

Holmberg Watson experienced in helping clients with the purchase or sale of a business in Toronto. We are experts in corporate and commercial law and can help you navigate through all of the legal requirements in this area. Our business law expertise allows us to present our clients with the knowledge and guidance they need to buy or sell a business in Toronto and we are dedicated to putting your business interests first. Our focus is always on the business objectives of our clients and working to deliver their desires outcomes. Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation and to discuss how we can help to facilitate your transaction.

Your Business And Corporate Lawyers In Toronto

Our firm can handle a wide variety of commercial and corporate matters. We will provide you with the advice and service you need in areas such as ownership agreements, commercial contracts, business formation and corporate finance. We act for both small and large business clients in most areas of business law, delivering exceptional service and results that have built our reputation as one of the leading boutique business law firms in Toronto.

Mergers And Acquisition - Business Lawyers

Our practice handles a wide variety of business mergers and acquisitions in Toronto. From large corporations to private companies and small businesses, our commercial and corporate lawyers in Toronto act for the client’s best interests in all transactions. Our approach is to move all deals forward by considering the position of our client first and using our business expertise to provide advice on the available options. We are knowledgeable in finance negotiations, securing funding, mitigating risk and overseeing the entire mergers and acquisitions process. Most of all, we always work with the goal of keeping our client’s costs down.