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All shareholders of a corporation should sign a well drafted shareholders’ agreement to govern the affairs of the corporation and the relationship between shareholders – it is just smart business. Conflicts and disagreements between shareholders are common factors that impede an otherwise successful business from moving forward to achieve the goals you have set. As an experienced and trusted business law firm located in Toronto, we can help protect your corporation and its shareholders avoid these problems by preparing a shareholders’ agreement that governs the relationship between shareholders.

Holmberg Watson Business & Estate Lawyers have helped businesses of all sizes in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area by addressing the issues related to voting rights, majority control, minority interests and dispute resolution. We can advise you on the best course of action to protect your interests as a shareholder, your corporation and the future growth of your business. With a well drafted shareholders’ agreement, you can rest easy knowing the rules related to you corporation and its shareholders are clearly set.

Let our expert team guide you through rights related to share transfers, shareholder loans, unanimous approval requirements and ownership structure. With such a wide variety of issues to prepare your business for, you need a business law firm that has a proven track record of advising and drafting shareholders’ agreements for small, medium and large business clients in Toronto.

Why Create A Shareholders’ Agreement For Your Business In Toronto?

Trademark Lawyer Toronto

We can answer your questions regarding organizational structures, the death of shareholders, majority and minority ownership issues, buy-sell provisions, issuing new shares and general decision-making powers, but these are just some of the issues that are important when drafting a shareholders’ agreement. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for all the issues and we pride ourselves on acting as trusted business advisors who always look out for our client’s best interests.

Did you know that majority shareholders also need a shareholders’ agreement? When you business has minority shareholders, it is important to be forward looking about how you want to handle the selling of shares. Issues such as drag-along rights that ensure your minority shareholders cannot block a sale of all the shares in the corporation are important concepts that we can guide you through.

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Whether you have a brand-new start-up or are in the growing phase of your business, addressing the rights between shareholders through a properly drafted shareholders’ agreement is important to your success. Contact us today to discuss how a shareholders’ agreement can help govern the relationships in your company and protect your best interests. We can be reached at or by telephone: Mihkel Holmberg at 416.648.8499 or Kate Watson at 647.500.0844. You can also visit our offices in person at 129 Yorkville Avenue, Suite 200 in Toronto.