Mergers Lawyer Toronto

Whether you have a large or small corporation or business, Holmberg Watson can help guide you through the mergers and acquisitions process in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our business law firm can handle transactions of any size and our background and years of experience in business law provides us with the knowledge you need to successfully complete your transaction.

Our team always puts the interests of the client first, considering all options and providing guidance based on our legal experience and business acumen.

Contact us today to discuss all the issues regarding your business interests and the mergers and acquisitions process. We can draft agreements, review documentation and advise on a wide range of items relating to your transaction, including:

Non-disclosure Agreements
Letters Of Intent
Finance Negotiations

Securing Funding
Mitigating Risk
Negotiating An Agreement Of Purchase And Sale

Business Mergers

Mergers involve a variety of areas of expertise, including business law, tax law and its implications, agreement drafting, securities law and financing. With such a diverse range of issues that must be addressed, you need the experts at Holmberg Watson to help provide the guidance and strategic advice necessary to close the deal with your best interests in mind.

Combining your company through a merger in Toronto can provide exponential growth and also increase competitiveness in your market. Contact us today to find out how Holmberg Watson can oversee this transaction with your interests in mind.

Business Acquisitions

Mergers Lawyer Toronto

Transactions that can change the ownership and control of your businesses or corporation require a firm that can properly evaluate your interests, needs and potential risks in the deal. Holmberg Watson can work with you to draft or review a letter of intent, perform due diligence, handle negotiations, and oversee the drafting of the necessary documents for this transaction. We can also handle all financial negotiations and work with you every step of the way, from the initial assessment until the deal is closed.

Growing your business through a merger or acquisition involves both risk and the potential for growth. Contact Holmberg Watson for a free initial consultation to discover how our lawyers can help with the processes of drafting, structuring, negotiating and assessment that are necessary during the mergers and acquisitions process in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

We Put Your Interests First

Contact our business lawyers today at to discuss your mergers and acquisitions plans during our free initial consultation. You can also speak to us by phone: Mihkel Holmberg at 416.648.8499 or Kate Watson at 647.500.0844. To visit us in person, find our offices at 129 Yorkville Avenue, Suite 200 in the centre of Toronto.

Our reputation has been built by developing strong relationships with our clients and their businesses. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you to meet your business goals.