Does a Majority Shareholder Need a Shareholders’ Agreement?

Yes, definitely. It is common practice for start-up and growth stage companies to offer shares to employees, or options to acquire shares. Issuing shares is an inexpensive way, at least initially, for a new company to hire talented people before it can afford to pay market rate salaries, and helps to align the interests of the persons who are issued shares with the interests of the majority shareholders and the…

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The $800,000 Capital Gains Exemption – Make Sure Your Shares Qualify

You have probably heard that you can sell the shares of your private corporation and shelter up to $800,000 of the capital gains under a capital gains exemption under the Income Tax Act (Canada)(the “ITA”). Planning to take advantage of these tax rules should form part of every corporation owner’s tax plan. For example, you may want to consider having as many family members as possible own shares in your…

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What happens if a person dies without leaving a will?

If a person dies without leaving a Will, he is said to die “intestate”. An intestacy, or partial intestacy, may also occur if: the Will fails to properly dispose of all assets of the deceased; the Will is not valid because it has not been signed and witnessed according to the law; the person making the Will did not have mental capacity to make a Will; or the Will has…

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