When looking for a lawyer to represent you during contract negotiations or contract review in Toronto, choose the firm that has years of experience in business law and contract matters. Holmberg Watson is a business law firm with extensive expertise in all areas of business law and can help you to understand the key issues relating to drafting and negotiating contracts and business agreements of all kinds in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Contracts are binding agreements that require thorough review by a lawyer and a clear understanding by each party. To make a contract legally binding, there are several important considerations. This is why you need expert legal guidance before signing or presenting contracts and agreements.

Drafting Contracts

Contract Lawyer Toronto

Our business lawyers can help draft the right contract for your business and will ensure your interests are fully protected. We will guide you through the core issues, help ensure you avoid future litigation, and ensure each parties obligations are clearly set out. If there is a breach of contract, Holmberg Watson lawyers will help you protect your financial interests. Our years of experience in all areas of business law helps us to ensure that your contracts are appropriate for your unique business and legal circumstances.

Contract Signing

Before signing any contracts in Toronto, consult with a lawyer at Holmberg Watson so that you understand the nature of the contract, and your rights and obligations. Our business lawyers can assist you to understand the details of any business agreements and will advise you on the best course of action before signing.

Knowing your duties and obligations is a core element of any good business decision and our team is here to help put your interests first and to help you understand any issues relating to liability in relation to contracts. Contact us today to discuss:

Any breach of contract and duties not fulfilled
Your rights and obligations
Limiting your liability

Terminating a contract
Negotiation of the terms of a contract

Contract Legal Advice in Toronto

We can assist you wit a wide variety of business contracts, including:

Employment contracts and offers of employment
Franchise agreements
Partnership agreements

Shareholders Agreements
Joint Venture Agreement
Trademark and licensing contracts

Contract Lawyer Toronto

If you are considering signing or drafting a contract, contact our business lawyers at
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Call us today to find out why Holmberg Watson Business & Estate Lawyers is one of the most trusted names in contract review and negotiation in Toronto and the GTA.